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Simulation ?

A beloved elder of mine sent this message as a comment on a podcast in a WhatsApp group recently:

Another civilization has launched numerous simulations in search of a solution that will last forever, and we are inside one of them.

At first, it’s a difficult comment to digest; it takes effort to believe, to accept this idea.

Once we stop considering ourselves the center of the world, even this thought becomes a plausible scenario.

Let’s assume we are living in a simulation and the purpose of this simulation is to find a formula that extends life.

Looking at the general trend, the simulation seems to be working towards its intended goal. Everyone is trying to extend their life, exploring all possible means. We advance technology and attempt to decode our DNA.

The science fiction we watch (which has always guided science and technology) works to convince us of the possibility, perhaps even motivating us to think along these lines.

The era we live in, with rapid technological advancements, everything accelerating at an incredible pace, all moving towards chaos… I’m not saying it’s an exception, but we must acknowledge that we’re not living in normal times.

Assuming for a moment that this theory is true, everyone suddenly realizes they are lab rats. If you found out this was real and you were just an actor in the simulation, what would you do?

Here comes my favorite part; I would keep doing whatever I am doing right now. Since the “Grand Goal” doesn’t matter much to me, I would continue to do what is expected of me as an actor, bound by the possibilities of “free will.”

We shouldn’t worry too much about it.