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We call home the place where we escape from the outside world, where we are isolated, where we listen to ourselves.

This is our castle. It is the place where we hope to be happy, at peace when we return at the end of each day, or where we spend most of our day.

Of course, everyone has their expectations from real estate. 2+1’s, 3+1’s are flying around. Those who want a loft have a swimming pool in front of them, and those who want it to be on the 29th floor. Some want a modest detached house.

In the heart of a metropolis, this is not a modest wish.

When we put our dreams aside and look at the money in our pocket, the options are suddenly stuck in a narrowed window like the filters on Exceptions do not break the rule, of course.

If a person lives in a place where he can be productive, that is the correct address. If you need a place to sleep at night, there is no need to stretch yourself too much about it. If you are white or blue-collar, the house is a place of consumption rather than production for you. It’s a long list of Nutella consumption, Netflix consumption, relationship consumption.

On a domestic factor, what do you find in your neighborhood when you say you’re going out.

You may be living in a luxurious environment in a luxury complex. Finding yourself in a shantytown when you leave the site is expected in a metropolis like Istanbul.

At the point where you want to have a decent house and a decent neighborhood – the prices you will find will start to annoy you.

After examining it for a while, you end that topic by pressing the close button of chrome again.

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