subject: the change

When you look at an old photograph, you remember the physical and your perspective on life back then.

If you remember your dreams, you will see how you have changed.

It has been 1500 years since Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant thing.”

Aside from the fact that the land where the philosopher lived has been known as a beer brand (Efes) for the last 40 years, this does not change the accuracy of this sentence, which creates a paradoxical basis.

Most people are waiting for something to change. While some are waiting for change, they do not even realize that they are experiencing this change.

Yet very few people take action to be part of the change. It is desired that change will occur by touching their lives with a magic stick. Of course, let this be a good change; let the expected and desired change happen.

So most of those who expect change is not satisfied with the current situation.

So, what do you do about it if you expect a change in your current situation to achieve what you desire?

Do you think that with the butterfly effect created by others randomly, your life will shift in the direction you want? Are you feeling this lucky?

If you want to question your luck, I suggest reviewing your background; I don’t think you can find a better reference.

If you want to be the ship that creates that wave effect, you have to start the engines and move towards the target you have determined in this sea.

Otherwise, you will be no different from a pontoon swinging up and down in the sea. You will think something has changed as you oscillate with the waves, but nothing will change for you.

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