subject: the impossible

What is impossible?

Impossible: something that isn’t impossible until you think about how you can’t do it.

If we consider it more rationally, there are very few things that are impossible. What happens is due to our inability to override the laws of nature.

For the remaining issues, we can say that it takes time to do the impossible.

If what I think is correct, it means that we have made a habit of squeezing ourselves into a frame without realizing it.

Of course, the “help” that the society has shown us in this regard has a significant share. The mechanisms that decide what can and cannot happen on our behalf will also come into play in this regard.

When we look back on history, we see that those who are “contrary” have done much more entrepreneurial and different works. When we say we see, we see it officially in history books.

Let’s put this reminder in our pocket.

Now there are channels where people can show what they are doing to the whole world. This situation can show that some things are not impossible.

This situation creates a resistance to the social status quo. Although many things are circulating as WhatsApp/Instagram material for now, the perceptions and acceptance criteria of societies are slowly changing.

If Salvador Dali had a twitter account or Leonardo da Vinci had a YouTube channel. Everything was a change in the world in an instant? No. Maybe they still exist now. But now there are so many twitter accounts, so many YouTube channels that we don’t know.

Let’s also put this reminder in our pocket.

We can say that the issue has suddenly turned into a race where billions of people try to show themselves. There is a show-off race in their own micro-domains, according to their own methods and expectations.

We are in the middle of an era where even the subject is so old that it can be a cliché, and people reflect what they have not experienced as if they were alive.

Each individual adjusts the frame of a potential publication and the photograph they take as they want to present it. In other words, this is the point where we human beings can benefit from all this innovation.

Now let’s take a look at what we have in our pockets.

1 – Actually almost anything you want to do is possible – you just need to set the right conditions.

2 – If you look in the right places, we can see how big the world is – the possibilities are endless.

3 – If it’s about making a difference, achieving what you want – you have enough opportunities, but they are not in the format that is easiest for you.

But most of us go on with our lives by choosing to keep up with the flow of the world. “Time” passes over us like a cylinder until we say “what happened”.

How many of us can ask ourselves what we really want to do?

Even asking that feels like a burden.

Sometimes we get lazy and let it flow.

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