You can’t find an answer to a question you don’t know.

We are facing another problem again.

This is usually the problem we experience when you feel bored, overwhelmed, or when you can’t find a way out.

The situation and conditions you are in do not fully satisfy you; there’s something bothering you.

This prevents you from focusing, creating doubt with every step you take.

The root of the problem lies in not knowing what you want.

If you truly knew what you wanted, maybe you would fight for it. But the worst part is not being able to decide what you want.

The genie from the magic lamp asked you: “What do you want?”

If you hesitate even when answering your first wish, you are probably at an age where you have learned that everything you wish for will have some consequences, or you have some experiences.

Then you realize that there is no genie at all.

You face the fact that you are not fully aware of another problem that you cannot solve instantly.

The only good thing is that you now know what your problem is. At least you know something. You know that you don’t know what your problem is.

It’s time for you to ask yourself the right question; if you know the question, have no doubt that you will find the answer. Every problem has a single correct answer.

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