searching for shared happiness in a changing world

It’s been a long time since I last wrote, an incredible workload is the reason for this.

I also wait for things to accumulate in my mind before pouring out my thoughts here.

We are on the eve of an election, a choice will be made between good and evil. The parties are planning their moves for the last week, but I will stay away from politics here.

I write because it flows from my brain to my fingers and provides relief, people reading it is secondary. When writing, a person reflects themselves, at least as much as they can show to the outside world.

The world is changing, artificial intelligence is now deeply affecting our lives. Today, we face artificial intelligence in every field from daily life to the business world, from medicine to education. This situation creates significant uncertainty about how the future will be shaped and indicates that the next technological revolution has begun.

Since my last writing, I have met many people and seen different goals.

Each time, I come to the same conclusion: human expectations are complex and diverse. Although the common goal is happiness, people follow different paths and have different values to achieve this goal. Matching these values between two people is another matter.

Imagine knowing all the reasons and all the consequences.

You can see what happened before and after everything you witness, and how the actions you take will change these results.

While this situation provides the confidence to act with the knowledge gained in advance, it also eliminates the surprises and discoveries of life, making experiences less exciting.

There is a fine line between being a prejudiced person and being a person who gives a chance to certain things.

We all actually love being prejudiced. Because predicting something and getting it right causes dopamine to be released, and since we love dopamine so much, people do not give up this habit. The strangest part is that you still release the same dopamine even if the results of your predictions are bad.

Overcoming this requires a separate discipline. But there are so many things that disturb our comfort in the life we live, most people do not want to disturb their comfort on this matter.

Although what we live in is quite real, the only thing that leads me to think that it is a simulation is the time period I live in. If I were to do a simulation on someone, I think I would give a 5000-year background story and let them live these 50 years.

We are right in the midst of the period when things get heated up and go off the rails. We are trying to be happy as individuals among so many variables and changes. However, there is an important lesson to be learned during this process: being open-minded and respecting the perspectives of others is the way to be successful and happy in this fast-changing era.

With these thoughts, no matter how uncertain the future may be, I think being open-minded and eager to learn will offer us a better version of our lives.

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