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“Digital Twins”

Sometimes I get annoyed when things I’ve been saying for 20 years become hyped. It’s a weird kind of ego dissatisfaction, the indigestion of not being able to say “I told you so”.

Anyway, let’s still discuss the topic.

Dear NVIDIA is overjoyed that its stock has almost quadrupled in the last year and has embarked on new projects.

This isn’t a technology blog, but if you keep reading, you’ll see where I’m going with this.

“Digital Twins”? This idea rings a bell…

They didn’t eat or drink, they decided to create a replica of our world in the digital environment. Digital twin can be summarized as a virtual presentation synchronized with physical objects, people, or processes.

So, in the last year and a half, where technology has really gone off the rails, we’ve almost gotten used to receiving new news every week, I can say.

But this idea shows me that we are living in a simulation of what we already live in, and we are one step closer to creating a simulation within a simulation.

Let’s take a look;

1- Apple has taken VR to the next level with Vision Pro.

2- Sora and OpenAI have proven they can create extremely realistic videos.

3- ChatGPT, Claude 3, Gemini: They have reached a point where they can answer questions and generate ideas with a much larger knowledge base than we have.

4- Boston Dynamics has completed R&D for robots that can be used when intelligence is ready.

And right now, many companies are perfecting the production of 3D views of 2D objects with AI.

Of course, there’s also the general goal of artificial intelligence that everyone is working on. When we achieve that, it will be a feather in the cap of all these developments.

When I first saw ChatGPT, the first thing I told my closest friend who showed it to me was, “As humanity, we are not ready for this,” 1.5 years ago.

With the momentum we’ve reached, there’s a new development every week. Keeping up with the news has become a job in itself.

In less than 10 years, everyone will live in a virtual environment, wearing helmets, glasses, lenses, whatever technology has become compact.

Those who agree to have a chip implanted in their heads will begin to feel anything that touches the five senses in the virtual environment as if it were real. 30 years from now, just as boys are offered the option of circumcision at birth, the option to implant a chip will come.

Thanks to “Digital Twins”, in 5 years, humanity may have the opportunity to do something as individuals within a simulation, purified from the evils of real life.

All this is okay. Then comes the ultimate question in my mind, what about in 50 years? When we start living in a reality where we can’t distinguish between real and virtual? Let’s say 100 years to be safe.

Then, who can say we’re not living on the digital side of “Digital Twins” right now? Maybe what we’re experiencing happened 500 years ago, and we’re just repeating the years 1900-2100 over and over?

Well, that’s a problem. Actually, you could have thought of this at any point in time and applauded yourself for a science fiction topic. But when someone announces “Digital Twins” right in front of your eyes, it makes you stop and think.

At least, I think about it…

The Indifference of Time

Time feels accelerated, feels constrained for you. You’re at an age where, when you see posts on Instagram asking “What would you say to your 20-year-old self in 3 sentences?”, you directly skip to the next post.

You might want to rebel, but there’s no authority to turn to. There’s no one to address about this matter. If you live in Turkey, at least you’re accustomed to this. What should the poor soul in Switzerland do? Complain to Rolex about this temporal issue?

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subject: the impossible

Impossible: something that isn’t impossible until you think about how you can’t do it.

If we consider it more rationally, there are very few things that are impossible. What happens is due to our inability to override the laws of nature.

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subject: relations

For example, you produce a rare exotic fruit, and your partner is interested in it. But you have nothing else to produce. Yes, your relationship will work somehow, but the person you are with may start to procure their tomato and potato needs from other people.

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subject: adaptation

In my opinion, the most considerable magic in adaptability is how the adaptation period spans time.

People blame “the course of life” in prolonged transitions for this change. It does not happen in case of many complaints. Especially if they have been brought up with “fatalistic” teaching, they will not have any difficulties.

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subject: communication

Communication is in a skill category for humans. I think that there is no such thing as “low understanding” or “self-expressive” in the communication of animals between their own species.

Likewise, I have never come across statements such as “The wolf, the leader of the pack, expressed such a good situation that the others were convinced and attacked the elephant”.

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