The Indifference of Time

The most consistent thing I’ve seen throughout my life is time. It never falters, not even for a second.

For at least the 46 years of my life, it’s been ticking away relentlessly. Storms rage, worlds collapse and new ones arise. Yet time continues, neither more nor less, just persistently moving forward.

Those who are around my age might claim that time feels faster, but they’re merely falling for relativity.

Those feeling the narrowing window of life seem to experience the present moment more intensely. This sentiment stems from the “We’ve wasted some of our time up to now, it’s hard to start from scratch at this point” phenomenon.

Yet, time remains indifferent to this sentiment. It flows on.

Time feels accelerated, feels constrained for you. You’re at an age where, when you see posts on Instagram asking “What would you say to your 20-year-old self in 3 sentences?”, you directly skip to the next post.

You might want to rebel, but there’s no authority to turn to. There’s no one to address about this matter. If you live in Turkey, at least you’re accustomed to this. What should the poor soul in Switzerland do? Complain to Rolex about this temporal issue?

The indifference of time is its most fair trait. Its impartiality to everyone. How individuals perceive and handle it is left entirely to their discretion.

If we had stayed the same age forever, this would never be an issue for us.

We would postpone today’s work until tomorrow.

It seems the issue arises because we all know that one day we will die, and under natural circumstances, we designate “Time” as responsible for this.

I think there needs to be about 30 years between people knowing they can’t leave a permanent mark in this world and truly understanding it.

We spend a lifetime experiencing the tales and truths of those who have already passed. If we act differently, we’re ostracized.

Amidst these endless cycles, we also try to find happiness. I wouldn’t consider myself a pessimist, but I can say that no one’s journey is easy in this regard.

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