short notes

Although I complain about summer rains, the coolness of the evening after the rain is very pleasant.

I realized that I hadn’t written for a while, and this Sunday evening I sat down at Havelka and started writing. Let’s see what’s on my mind.

Short Notes :

– I fled to Bodrum for a while. It was pretty good – I started making plans if I could spend a part of the summer on the Aegean side in order to keep it going. But I haven’t found a formula yet on how to move my working environment.

– I ordered a new toy myself with the recommendation of a friend. Oculus Quest 2. I have serious questions about how well I can adapt to the software development business. If it does, my mobility will improve dramatically. At worst, I’m sure I’ll play games with it.

– I started to be interested in game development again. I make elaborate plans. I think this year I will focus on mobile game development.

– While I was playing games on the phone, I started using Clubhouse. I registered in the first weeks of its release but never used it. I am just listening. People have interesting problems. At least not like mine. I listen to it like a radio while working. They’re offering voice sometimes, and I’m not taking it.

– I continue to go to the shooting range. 25 meters is a really annoying distance to shoot with a pistol. You try to adjust “Up/Down”, but the thing you aim to hit turns into something so small that you can’t see it. I’m not too bad though. If there is a zombie invasion, I will score.

– It’s like watching a horror movie, which I hope will be a “twisted plot” at the end of the economy. It’s going very interestingly, I’m trying to follow it, but I can’t predict the end for sure.

– The agenda is interesting in every sense. But one of the most interesting headlines – strangely, a rush of people walking around naked and having sex on the street has started in the last month. There is a situation called “Courage is Contagious”, but they got it very wrong.

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