Category Psychology

subject: adaptation

In my opinion, the most considerable magic in adaptability is how the adaptation period spans time.

People blame “the course of life” in prolonged transitions for this change. It does not happen in case of many complaints. Especially if they have been brought up with “fatalistic” teaching, they will not have any difficulties.

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subject: the change

It has been 1500 years since Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant thing.”

Aside from the fact that the land where the philosopher lived has been known as a beer brand (Efes) for the last 40 years, this does not change the accuracy of this sentence, which creates a paradoxical basis.

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subject: routine

As with the routine rotations of the planets and their relative durations, many things repeat in our lives in the short and long term.
If you are repeating yourself on top of that, you are in a perfect vicious circle. It may take much longer than you expect to realize something so obvious.

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