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The Indifference of Time

Time feels accelerated, feels constrained for you. You’re at an age where, when you see posts on Instagram asking “What would you say to your 20-year-old self in 3 sentences?”, you directly skip to the next post.

You might want to rebel, but there’s no authority to turn to. There’s no one to address about this matter. If you live in Turkey, at least you’re accustomed to this. What should the poor soul in Switzerland do? Complain to Rolex about this temporal issue?

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subject: the impossible

Impossible: something that isn’t impossible until you think about how you can’t do it.

If we consider it more rationally, there are very few things that are impossible. What happens is due to our inability to override the laws of nature.

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subject: relations

For example, you produce a rare exotic fruit, and your partner is interested in it. But you have nothing else to produce. Yes, your relationship will work somehow, but the person you are with may start to procure their tomato and potato needs from other people.

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subject: adaptation

In my opinion, the most considerable magic in adaptability is how the adaptation period spans time.

People blame “the course of life” in prolonged transitions for this change. It does not happen in case of many complaints. Especially if they have been brought up with “fatalistic” teaching, they will not have any difficulties.

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subject: communication

Communication is in a skill category for humans. I think that there is no such thing as “low understanding” or “self-expressive” in the communication of animals between their own species.

Likewise, I have never come across statements such as “The wolf, the leader of the pack, expressed such a good situation that the others were convinced and attacked the elephant”.

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