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The other day, someone I love said that I write my mind, not my feelings. I never thought before that there could be such a sharp line between expressing emotions in writing and putting what’s on my mind on paper.

I am a person who likes to write, or rather, who wants to talk. It is pretty fun for me to determine any title and generate ideas. I don’t think I wrote it to note history on this site either. Spoiling this domain name like this is purely personal satisfaction. What is the reason why people want to put their ideas in writing? Millions of books written? Billion blogs? There are two or three reasons I can think of. Personal satisfaction, monetization, and depending on the context – ‘passing knowledge to the next generation.’

The third is a somewhat questionable subject, in my opinion. The issue seems to be returning to personal satisfaction again and again. All of them can be mathematically linked to personal satisfaction at the end of the day. Yes, that’s it.

According to most social norms, it is not acceptable to express that you are doing a job because of personal satisfaction. I am pretty aware that I do not have the wisdom to place writers in all of human history in this category. Still, I think like this, I continue on my way by taking shelter in the freedom of thought.

If we are lucky, we all live only 60-70 years. We are already spending the first 30 years saying what have I become, who am I. Then we focus on what will make me happy if we can overcome financial problems and create the opportunity to return to ourselves. For many of us, even this is an achievement.

It is not surprising that after one has not entirely found his lofty purpose, he says, at least, let’s do something for myself.

When you combine the ability of billions of people to do something for themselves with developments such as globalization, social media, and ease of interaction – welcome to chaos, and I took my place in this chaos.

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