subject: dollar

The “dollar” hides a positive meaning even in its name (In Turkish, “dollar” is the verb of the word “fill” in the simple present tense).

Today, the dollar has occupied our two days with the increase in value against TL without saying the country’s agenda.

The fact that Covid has slid down the Top Tweets – I’m in the unbearable lightness of being back in our bad old days.

The strap snapped like the song Sansar Salvo sang. Trying to stay positive when everything is so prone to go wrong is a success of the Dollar. Congratulations on the dollar.

This is “positive” me.

You have to stay positive. We all know that the other is a vortex leading to a bottomless pit. I wrote an article about Polyana 20 years ago; who knows – I’m not going to get into the same polemic again.

Just try to take things as usual. Anything can always happen. If you don’t believe in surprises, you won’t be surprised.

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