subject: heat

In a city where our body temperature is constantly measured, we are threatened with being burned to death by the sun.

Those who claimed that Covid-19 could not survive in the heat did not mention that the heat would also kill us.

At the moment, I am sitting in the cafe in the middle of the magnificent air cordon created by the wrong planning of 5 skyscrapers, sautéed in a shaded place. This place is blowing.

While people’s needs are changing day by day, “shadow blowing place” has emerged as a necessity today.

With the unbearable lightness of meeting my needs, I continue to write these lines and drink my whiskey.

I am in a different emotional load of sitting in a high place like a watchtower and watching the people burning below.

A community of people who could not escape from the city on the occasion of the “Feast of Sacrifice holiday” I saw around.

I am also a part of this community. Our only expectation is to enjoy it when Istanbul is empty.

These are just little preparations for the minor social trauma we’ll experience when it’s all over, and everyone is back in town.

As a result, the days will pass quickly in this half-empty city, where the heat has tested us. And we will not be able to get a benefit from the holiday again.

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