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It’s morning again.

For those who do not want to get lost in routines, life is making a serious effort to put you into a routine.

As with the routine rotations of the planets and their relative durations, many things repeat in our lives in the short and long term.

If you are repeating yourself on top of that, you are in a perfect vicious circle.

It may take much longer than you expect to realize something so obvious.

Because this fact that you ignore by saying “it is a situation I already know” – it is the basis of the course of your whole life. Realizing or digesting this is another matter.

It is quite possible to find happiness in this cycle. Which we all know – the desire to be happy is the common denominator of all of us.

But if you are complaining about this situation and you are not happy – my humble advice is to divide the problem into routines that you can change and those you cannot change.

Even the thought of changing some routines may make you uncomfortable. Humans are very successful beings at adapting and creating a comfort zone for themselves. They are just as hesitant when it comes to disrupting that comfort zone.

Still, you don’t need to smash your life to the ground while breaking your own routines. Even small things can be much better for your psychology than you imagine. The biggest benefit of breaking the routines is your chance to catch the moment when you are happy when you catch the details that you miss while watching the same movie over and over.

Of course, my words are more for people who are stuck in a city, go to work every morning and return home in the evening. Exceptions do not break the rule.

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