subject: indifference

My current disregard is the result of caring for a time.
-Charles Bukowski

Not:This saying is said to belong to Bukowski, but I still haven’t found its source.

Bukowski makes a very good point. I can’t help but appreciate that he was able to explain such a long piece of legislation in such a short way.

Of course, I continue without ignoring the fact that everyone can have different messages from this sentence.

I can assertively say that indifference is the highest level you can reach.

If you can move forward on a path without thinking about what will happen when the dice are rolled in life and without planning accordingly, there is no individual stronger than you.

But digesting it, adopting it is really a process. Much harder to do than say.

Especially if you have been guided throughout your life that “beautiful tomorrows” will come naturally in a natural way, you may find yourself spending years in the delusion of waiting for everything to get better by itself.

That’s why it’s important not to confuse disregardness with planlessness.

Expect the unexpected, be ready for anything. Let nothing surprise you. The thing you will lose the most will be the birthday presents that you can’t be surprised.

Again, you can keep your expectations from life in your pocket and proceed on the path you want to go. You just have to plan knowing that environmental factors can always throw the dice against you (Hello Murphy’s first rule here).

Let me come to the very fine nuance. When you take some action in your life, it will have two different kinds of returns. The first is from people, the second from life.

If you want to reap benefits at the end of the day, focus on the plans that you can take back from life. Stop focusing on people. It will only bring you unhappiness.

For those who focus on individuals, let me close with another quote;

“If someone is making you sad, that person is already making someone else happy.”

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