subject: adaptation

Adaptation is another subject in which human beings are very successful.

If the change and ability to adapt within us were visible on the surface, chameleons would be jealous of us.

Like the “communication” I mentioned in my previous article, this is one of the abilities that prevented our extinction.

In this way, people have always adapted to different geographies and management systems at the end of the day.

In my opinion, the most considerable magic in adaptability is how the adaptation period spans time.

People blame “the course of life” in prolonged transitions for this change. It does not happen in case of many complaints. Especially if they have been brought up with “fatalistic” teaching, they will not have any difficulties.

But when we try or are exposed to the exact change in a short period – this time, psychology will step in and raise the alarm. Of course, the changes that I am trying to underline here are the changes that are perceived as “negative.” The effects of positive ones on psychology is another article.

First of all, the person will be unhappy because they are out of the comfort zone to which they are accustomed. He will review the possibilities to regain his comfort zone evaluate the people and events that caused this change.

If the person cannot change the situation, he will comfort himself by blaming everything but himself. He can do it loudly; he can do it silently to himself; he can call it a “lesson.” He will produce the formula that will serve him in whatever way his psychology can relax.

Those exposed to this “rapid” adaptation process may try to change other things in their lives to keep up with the situation. There may be things they wouldn’t normally do that are irrelevant enough to go for a haircut; you never know. Although it seems irrelevant, the brain is looking for new ways to cope with minor or major trauma.

So, your brain will push all the buttons it takes to convince you – to keep up with the new model.

This process happens very quickly. Within a month, you may see a new individual who has accepted the situation and lived with it.

We can experience this process over and over again every day in our life. Some are very small; some are very large. We always have to be pushed out of our comfort zone and create a new comfort zone.

That’s why when we think of the past, most of us refer to “they were good days.”

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