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It’s a concept that continues as long as you keep breathing each year.

Today, it must be a quirk of technology that banks send you a message and congratulate you before your spouse or friend.

When you read the “most sincere” emotional messages that the bank has sent you, you are about to get emotional and even think “I even have a bank thinking of me”. Afterwards, a reminder message about your credit card payment will follow.

Therefore, I think that banks and other institutions should abandon this effort to appear sincere.

For example, if they say “that’s all you have to pay, happy birthday by the way”, I’m sure everyone will feel much more sincere.

In the digital world, there are also places that reveal your birthday to others. Facebook, Linked-in and so on…

Fluttering channels to interact. It’s actually a good service, but if you have 500+ on your list, an average of 1.5 people’s birthdays come every day. It is not a good thing to keep a tally of everyone like the population directorate. Every day, people unnecessarily enter the tribunal of “I wonder if I wish to congratulate this person’s birthday”

Like the bell curve, birthdays start to get annoying after a year. You don’t feel like celebrating for a very good reason, there is nothing to celebrate. No one can rejoice that they are one step closer to the inevitable end.

But if you, like me, can make your child’s birthday coincide with the day you were born, you can eliminate today’s troubles to a large extent.

Of course, you can also do skin care on your face by saying that if I’m getting old, let’s do different things.

At the end of the day, we are all running towards the same place on the same track. One of us looks at the clouds in the sky as we run, another looks at the muddy ground. But it’s moving at roughly the same speed.

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